Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Functions of Environmental health programme [Nigeria]

By Sani Garaba Mohammed

The functions of Environmental health organization services is the prevention, detection and control of environmental hazards which affect human health through the following functions including:-

I Waste management;

II Food control or [food sanitation];

III Pest and vector control;

IV Environmental health control of housing [or housing sanitation];

V Epidemiological control;

VI Air quality management;

VII Occupational health and safety;

VIII Water resources management and sanitation;

IX Noise control;

X protection of recreational environment;

XI Health radiation control;

XII Control of frontiers, air and sea ports and border crossing or [port health services];

XIII Educational activities [health services];

XIV Promotion and enforcement of environmental health quality standards;

XV Collaborative efforts to study the effects of environmental hazards-[research]; and

XVI Environmental health impact assessment