Saturday, October 21, 2017

EHSAN organizes conference in Ibadan

Environmental health Scientists Association Of Nigeria [EHSAN]

The conference on Environmental Health Sciences is organized to increase awareness on, deepen knowledge for and stimulate action towards various primordial and emerging issues of environmental health for the purpose of ensuring environmental quality and safeguarding public health through evidence sharing from basic, applied and translational research.
The theme for the 2017 conference is ‘New Frontiers in Safety and Toxicology for Environmental health Management’. The conference will address salient and topical issues in the field of safety and toxicology particularly as it bothers on exposures to hazards and the vulnerability of the public to a myriad of deleterious health outcomes including cancers.
Delegates at conference are invited from amongst environmental scientist, researchers, public health professionals, safety professionals, policy makers, students and individuals from governmental/non-governmental and community-based organizations respectively.

Conference Objectives
·        Buildings bridges among different scientists, professionals, practitioners, and other stakeholders in environment, safety and public health fields;
·        Sharing of knowledge and skills during scientific and exhibitions sessions;
·        Networking among delegates during technical sessions and social tours;
·        Expanding new research horizon among scholars; and
·        Fostering multi-centre and inter regional collaborations.

Conference Sub-themes/Speakers
Air toxics, Man and Cancer, Prof R. Vermeulen, Institute of Risk Assessment Sciences, [IRAS], Netherlands;

Nano Technology: Toxicological and Safety Concern, Prof A. Dhawan, Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, India;

Children, School Environment and Safety, Prof Louise Stroud, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa;

Water Safety: Implications for Households and Eco Tourism, Prof MKC Sridhar, University of Ibadan, Nigeria;

Food Safety, Chemical Exposure and Toxicovigilance, Prof Eo Farombi, University of Ibadan, Nigeria;

Hazardous and Health Care Waste, Engr. Olabode Oladeji, Oiloff Nigeria Limited;
Soil Health and Biosafety, Prof Kehinde Olayinka, University of Lagos, Nigeria;

Industrial Hygiene and Safety, Dr A Amadi, HSE Manager, LNG Nigeria; and

Households-level Toxic: Safety and Health Issues, Dr G.R.E.E. Ana, University of Ibadan, Nigeria.
The conference schedule to holds on 20-24th November, 2017
Registration is N20, 000.00 for participants, N10, 000.00 for students and USD500 for foreign participants.

Payment can be made to:
Account Name:                   Environmental Health Scientists Association, Nigeria

Access Bank Plc, UCH branch, Ibadan
Account Number:              0 7 2 7 6 8 3 2 6 7
Teller of payment should be scanned and sent to and